The Cooke's

"I’m very keen on combining the indoor with the outdoor, the house needed to be opened up. I wanted it to seem as if the kitchen was outside and vice versa and that’s where the idea came for the interior and exterior circular tiled floor pattern. It draws the kitchen outside and the garden in. While the inside-outside feel was important, this job was unusual as the kitchen and living space is enormous, so it required a bold design - something that would stand out on its own but also tie in with the circular floor, which the island does perfectly. The design also needed it to be sleek enough to prevent the kitchen becoming oppressive, with a modern, furniture feel, which Jo & Sharan have pulled off really well! It harmonises beautifully in the space, as the doors are finished in mock polished plaster and the wall behind the spiral staircase in the hallway is actual polished plaster in the same colour." - Mr Cooke