The Sandhu's

"We knew we wanted a German handleless kitchen and spoke to many different retailers. When we went to Vogue, not only could we tell the product was simply better (more detailed, better quality), but Jo's knowledge of what he's selling and Vogue's design ability is truly second to none. He knows his product so well and also knows all the latest appliances and worktops. With other designers, we just didn't get the same feeling. With Vogue, they put their actual work all on their website and the quality of the designs and fitting speaks for itself. Other retailers just couldn’t showcase us the same quantity and quality of work. When it came to fitting, Vogue’s fitters are truly outstanding – the kind of people to whom each last millimetre of accuracy is important. Any last minute changes from us were always dealt with efficiently. Delivery and fitting was exactly on time as scheduled. Any remedial items were dealt with efficiently and without any fuss." - The Sandhu's